New Year, Different Crap

I’ve always felt like a quitter. It seems that no matter how many times I start a new adventure, I rarely follow through to the end– at least long enough to see true results. For whatever the reason, even if I am headstrong in the beginning, my motivation always fizzles out. This usually leaves meContinue reading “New Year, Different Crap”

Your Mental Health and Work

There comes a time when one must make a decision. Generally, there are various factors which define your decision. In my experience, there have been epic battles between whether to stay at a job for the money and benefits, although they severely impact and deteriorate my mental health, or to find greater pastures in anContinue reading “Your Mental Health and Work”

Ending Friendships for Relationships

First off– Just don’t do it.. Listen, I’m not talking about friendships that you have only had for a few weeks or months, nor am I talking about relationships that have been active for numerous years with children involved. I’m not ignorant to the fact that there different circumstances. That being said… I am talkingContinue reading “Ending Friendships for Relationships”

Lively Thoughts

Life can be exceptionally difficult at times. Everyone’s level of tolerance for pain is different. Don’t judge others for feeling something you normally wouldn’t at a specific point. Don’t walk away from others in a time of crisis and then expect others to stay for you. Show respect and you’ll receive respect. No one ever earnsContinue reading “Lively Thoughts”