Your Mental Health and Work

There comes a time when one must make a decision. Generally, there are various factors which define your decision. In my experience, there have been epic battles between whether to stay at a job for the money and benefits, although they severely impact and deteriorate my mental health, or to find greater pastures in an attempt to protect my mind and soul.

I’m sure a great number of us have reached such a devastating dilemma in our lives. I know I have numerous times. It’s like a never ending cycle that just feels as though your life revolves around your mental health; regardless of whether or not you suffer from a mental illness.-

It is a world on a continuous loop where each, and every time, you question not only your place in the world, but whether you are even able to integrate into the societal norm of employment.

Trust me, I know this all too well from experience. This endless loop is still ongoing for me, even as we speak–or as I write. Hey, whatever…

The moral of my story here is quite simple. We all have bills to pay, that’s for damn sure, but your mental health cannot be destroyed by a job that makes you utterly miserable. The job that affords you to pay the bills can be replaced by one which makes you happier and makes a lesser negative impact on your life, all while still paying your bills.

Note I never said easy…Unfortunately nothing ever comes easy, but here’s the deal–

Obviously, finding a “better” job is not going to just fall into your lap, however, there will be different opportunities and avenues of approach, even if they aren’t necessarily clear at this giving  moment.

Plenty of people have left positions paying twice and three times as much because their mental health had deteriorated so badly. Plenty of people have left their current job to start a business, or even go to a better company. It may not seem like it now, but there are so many different opportunities to explore… You just have to be willing to still your neck out and look for them.

There is no shame in finding an “in-between” job that pays your bills and improves your life even just a little bit until you find that cake, creme de la creme position you’ve searched your whole life for. If that’s what it takes then do it–jump on it and stop looking at life through the rear-view.

Let me be very clear,

A job is not worth your life— I say again… A JOB IS NOT WORTH YOUR LIFE.

Remember, even if it doesn’t seem like there’s an opportunity currently presenting itself, it doesn’t mean there is no where else for you can turn.

You can either be patient and wait for one, or go out and find one. I recommend you find the energy through yourself, a loved one, or a friend and go all out until you find one that is better suitable to your needs.

Listen to your mind and heart. If they are both not into it… find something else that will make you feel at peace. There’s no shame in trying. Just don’t ever stop trying. You have a choice. You ALWAYS have a choice. Lets make the one that will put your life on a better track.


Published by Matthew Hurski

Just an avid writer sharing my mind with the world.

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