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Relationship Bingo

Whether it be with a parent, friend, mentor, or partner, some best practices are to catch the red flags early—that includes checking yourself! The biggest red flag for me is someone who cannot respect my boundaries: you do not have limitless access to me, my heart, my mind, or my life. Lacking solid boundaries leavesContinue reading “Relationship Bingo”

Men & Emotion

We are in a time unlike no other. We come from a past where it had been stigmatized that if men showed emotion they were weak. A past where it was more acceptable to bury your demons rather than seek help to vanish them all together. While these stigmas are still prevalent, we are uncoveringContinue reading “Men & Emotion”


Love is not permanent; it’s constantly changing and evolving and twisting and turning. Like the great ouroboros, it thrives and eats itself and blooms again. Over and over and over again. Every day, you have to wake up and make the choice to love the people you love. It is not a constant, swelling feelingContinue reading “Amaranth”


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